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1 – I’ve read conflicting things. BEEF is on the list, so a few days ago I bought a few pieces of filet migon. Is this ok or not? (if not why is beef on the ok list?)

Reply: Beef is not alright on the diet as it releases alcohol gases into your body when the proteins break down. Alcohol and alcohol gases contribute to a beneficial environment for the Candida. To answer your question, beef is on this site’s “ok list” because, other than the forum, the site is very much out of date. Read this post: The Site’s Suggestions:
Also, if the beef isn’t purely organic it contains antibiotics and hormones, not at all beneficial to the Candida treatment.

2 – I’ve read everywhere that BUTTER is no good, but ORGANIC BUTTER is on the list of things that are ok. (what’s the difference?) Is it under the list for OILS … are they talking about something different then the slab of organic butter I bought (maybe like a organic butter oil or something?). I can put this butter on everything I eat?

Reply: The only type of ‘butter’ that is acceptable is ghee, which you can find on the Internet. All dairy products should be completely avoided as they can feed the Candida.

3 – I drink alot of sparkling water, I found one with less sodium than Perrier called S. Pellegrino: Is this ok to drink?

Reply: Sparkling water is generally a carbonated drink. Carbon dioxide gas is used to make all carbonated waters, therefore club soda, soda water, sparkling water, or seltzer water are all types of water into which carbon dioxide gas has been dissolved, and carbon dioxide is a type of toxin as well as a waste product. This means more work for the liver which is already overworked because of the Candida toxins. What’s wrong with plain water? You stated that you had been “totally dehydrated;” this is typical with a Candida albicans infestation if enough water isn’t consumed. And please understand that I’m talking about “water” and not a drink containing such chemicals as chlorine which will kill the beneficial bacteria in your sytem which are needed to destroy the Candida. It also contains nitrates which destroys vitamins A, C and E in your system.
You need to be drinking more water than you’ve ever drank before in order to prevent dehydration and to keep the Candida toxins washed from your system

4 – I’ve heard conflicting things about eggs – what’s the bottom line. Just the eggs whites, or can full egg be eaten?
Reply: The entire egg should be eaten for the extra proteins. Organic is best if you can get them as they contain no antibiotics or hormones.

5 – BREADS – what kind if any can I get?
Reply: Recipes are on the forum.