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aromaverde wrote: Thank you guys for answering me. First off, here is my probiotic. I am sorry I can not copy and paste here. But it is called Total Digestion:

I tried Digest Basic from Enzymedica and it made me very gassy and crampy. Tri Enza from Houston was good. But now I am just on Total Digestion. If you can recommend something else, I am open.

I see a Doc who is an integrative doc and he had me on Nystatin and I did not see anything. Then he put me on Diflucan and I got itchy and had a die off. Then I had that one margarita and my diarrhea blew up (the diarrhea gets so severe in a matter of hours I am in the ER for fluids which really doesn’t sound like candida, does it?).
So the only thing I have found to cure this diarrhea instantly is Flagyl. I am thinking I have a candida and clostridia issue, but I really don’t know for sure. If it helps, my son who has high functioning autism has similar gut issues as I do and he is ona round of Flagyl and Nizoral. I tried to do natural with him, but it wasn’t potent enough for his diarrhea.

Also, when my blood sugar drops and I must have sugar to bring it up, what is the best source? Raw honey?
Thank you so very much for your help.

I also have the same question as yourself regarding the candida diet and having low blood sugars. I like you have type 1 diabetes, had it for over 15 yrs with good control and especially better since changing my diet…its very hard to do this with diabetes when encountering low blood sugars. I have been on the paleo diet for about 3 months and I have now been trying to follow this diet for the past week. The only issue I have is the hypoglycemia issues…I usually will drink apple or orange juice or have a banana, apple, peach something like that to bring up my sugar. Not sure what I should eat…any advice from other diabetics on here?