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Hello to you all.

Sorry I know that you posted this in August and it’s now October but my query is related to your discussion.

I am following the diet in stage 1 at the moment and after reading more and more about it (especially from you guys in the forum) I think that both my parents probably have Candidiasis as well. Unfortunately they both have diabetes too. They were going to follow my advice and start on the Candida diet to see what happens but when they consulted their Diabetic Nurse she said that under no circumstances should they take part in this diet as they will be far short on the carbs they need to keep them stable.

I know that Able has said previously that Diabetes can cause Candida and can understand the reasoning for this but I was also of the belief that the reverse could be true; that Candida can cause diabetes? Not sure about that one.

Anyway, my question is, how can my parents help their probable Candida condition if they have been told by specific health care professionals that they must not alter their diet?