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I’ve tried to think back all my life (I’m 30) and I do not think I’ve ever used antibiotics. If I have, it’s been many years.

I read the link you added, and I don’t believe I have a low stomach acid problem. I can’t say for certain, obviously. I don’t think I’ve ever once use antacids and as I said I don’t think I’ve used antibiotics. Generally, my stomach has not given me any trouble in my life. Do you think I should try Betaine HCL with Pepsin? Can I get it over the counter?

Vitamin C = I don’t take a Vitamin C supplement itself, but I am using ThreeLac, and it has Vitamin C, 125% worth of it. Also, I believe I generally get enough Vitamin C otherwise, as well.

Caffeine = I was using maybe as much as 1000mg in a day. Now I’m down to just one energy drink in the morning (200mg). I know I have to stop that, but I’m still just not yet ready to get up in the morning without it. I think a few more days and I’ll be off the caffeine totally. I’m amazed I’m down to just the one per day already!

Working Out = are you saying I should stop working out for a while ALTOGETHER, or are you really saying I need to cut out the caffeine? So you know, I do lift weights, but I do so more to stay toned and kind of lean, not to be a muscle head.

Liver = So you believe I should also try some type of liver supplements, or cleanse? Isn’t milk thistle known for that?

Thanks for your help!