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xday2dazex wrote: I didn’t know sauerkraut was probiotic. I eat the canned stuff from stop and shop that just has prepared cabbage water and salt. Is that ok?

Jorge, I’ve held that diet for the most part for a few months now with intermittent mistakes and I have lost tons of weight. What are these other sources you would recommend and how would I work them into my treatment? I have reactions from everything. I can’t even have buckwheat or coconut flour right now. I would do anything for extra energy and carbs so please share. If you or anyone else has a good way to tweak my meals and get me more full and covered nutritionally, I’d love the input, that’s why I posted this. I want to gain weight and have some energy while still fighting this thing.

Does anybody have any idea on my salmon question btw? (how often is it safe to have?)

sauerkraut made at home does have probiotics. Most store bought sauerkraut has been heat treated or has perservitives added to keep them in the shelf. I seem to find good sauerkraut at most supermarkets in the cold food sections. If they are not cold then stay away. Look for ones that have sea salt, cabbage and say probiotic cultures.

Its easy to make at home, google it under youtube and you can get instructions. I am lazy and have access to good local made olykraut :)I may try making sauerkraut with Kefir whey one of these days but thats for another post.

Salmon should only be eaten about 3 times a week. The worry on salmon is mercury. too much mercury intake is bad.