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I also drink kefir all day but it was reccomended to at least drink kefir, or eat yogurt,sauerkraut and other probiotics at least 2 hours befor or 3 hours after you take your antifungals. So I do that at night and in the morning. However I make so much kefir and also like fermented foods that I have them during the day as well.

“One of the good things about lauric acid in virgin coconut oil is that it kills lipid-coated bacteria but does not appear to harm the friendly intestinal bacteria. The MCFA (medium chain fatty acids) in coconut oil also have antifungal properties so not only will they kill disease-causing bacteria and leave good bacteria alone, they will also kill candida and other fungi in the intestinal tract, further supporting a healthy intestinal environment.”

that means at least with coconut oil that it may be alright regardless of when you take it.