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The bloated feeling is probably from the candida dying off in your stomach from the antifungals. As they die, they give off toxic gases which I’m sure could lead to a bloated feeling. When you ate that pure sugar, they probably multiplied quickly therefore causing a larger die off later on.

As far as the rectal itching, stool elimination is one of the main areas that you eliminate candida from your body so as it passes through, it is going to be a key area that gets irritated by candida cells passing through. Not to mention most people usually have candida in their colon.

I go through periods of rectal itching too, usually during big bouts of die off. Hemorrhoids is candida related as well….

I cheated for two days last week cause I had a really tough week with a close family member passing and I went through intense die off for the last couple of days. Those lil bastards multiply so quickly it isn’t even funny.