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MadEmx;45269 wrote: Hi Able, I was just reading your response on an older post and was trying to find you and here you are on mine. : )I am following the diet from this forum website. I was just reading your post about too much chicken and red meat. I was a vegetarian before this (well, flexitarian is more accurate bc I would eat meat once in awhile, but rarely). So here I am now eating chicken, beef, fish etc along with millet, quinoa, brown and wild rice. Mostly green veg and 2 servings of berries, apples or pears (this is from my naturopath, I am not sure if fruit is allowed as per forum diet). Today I ate my veggie shake (kale, spinach, cucumber), chicken stir fry (no carbs just cauliflower, peppers, garlic and onion), pecans, and for dinner wild canned salmon, more cauliflower, green beans and millet. THen I had brown rice cakes with avocado. The bloat happened before the brown rice cakes. Any advice or do you need more info? I would love to cut down on my meat and poultry consumption! I was doing really well. This bloat is within the last week. I have been on this diet since May 6th. May 26th I ran the marathon and took the gels. May 27th I was back on diet again and have been following since then.

Thanks for reading and responding.

Oh, one thing I thought about is I was always buying organic meat until a few weeks ago when I had to cut back on some costs. Not sure if that would be causing the flare up? It seems to happen pretty suddenly and it’s pretty disturbing because it bloats right up like a balloon!

I know it’s hard to stick to this diet to a T cause healthier products do seem to be more expensive (ugh). But the chicken that isn’t organic is usually pumped full of antibiotics and I don’t need to tell you how that can affect a sensitive digestive system not to mention kill off good bacteria in your gut.

Other things I noticed is rice of any kind is a big no no on this forum and causes reactions for a lot of people.

Fruit is also not advised during a candida war cause even fruit contains natural sugars.

Uhh free range beef is ok but it is one of the harder meats to digest and can take a healthy digestive system days to fully digest so it’s advised to wait until you’re feeling a lot better before attempting it and making sure you don’t over do it.

Chicken is ok once or twice a week and the key is to make sure it is organic and free of antibioitcs.

Only fish that is really allowed is wild salmon. You said you eat canned wild salmon? I’d be careful with that cause usually canned anything isn’t recommended on the candida diet. Preservatives and risk of the metal can contaminating the food.

Able can probably give you some more info but those are the things that stand out to me.

You should check out rutabaga french fries. I love em and they are filling and it’s an antifungal.