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Thomas wrote: Hi,
welcome to the group. I wonder how the doctor figured out that you have reactive hypoglycaemia? I didnt know what it was and every single sympthom fits my sympthoms.
My doctor doesnt believe in anything else then streamline western education and runs only the standard blood and urine tests.

All came out negative for me. I have no blood sugar issues when I sit there and they take the blood. Is reactive hypoglycaemia showing up in a normal blood sugar test?
I have to have some bulletproof facts to shoot him with when he gives me his standard answer that it is a mind think and I should take antidepressants. I am depressed because my body feels poison and gives me hell I am telling him but he says my blood is fine.

So, my question to you guys is. If my blood sugar test taking from the doctor is fine, do I still can have reactive hypoglycaemia? And if I want a reactive hypoglycaemia test how to I sell it to my doctor?


Most doctors don’t believe in reactive hypoglycaemia. Mine luckily does. Normal blood tests don’t show it. It needs to be a 4 or 5 hour glucose tolerance test with insulin measured. Check out this site. there is a letter you can print off to take to your doctor telling them how to test you for reactive hypoglycaemia.