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Hi mate,
if you search my posts you starting with the first you will see how much I suffered like a dog. Starting with a panic attack because my nervous system freaked out completely. I never experienced such a thing in my 49 years. From a very stable guy I broke down like a dry grass, crying like a little baby. Its very strange to experience that, but at the same time being the witness of it all.

What helped me? Well, I am searching around and learned a lot about the connection of the stomach, guts, brain and vegetative nervous system not to forget the immune system. After all these month I learned how powerful the reactions alone are from the immune system and how they turn you into another being.

Now, I really like to suggest to check out EFT. It is amazing and helped me to such an extent that I am symptom free now for over 10 days. When something comes up like little brain fog. I am starting to bring it into the EFT tapping and I notice how its disappearing. Very strange but working. Everything which is working is fine with me.

Search my posts and you will find links to a free on-line manual and free films showing the power of that technique.

all the best