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Hello Linda,

I belive the night sweats or colds are a very normal symptom of die-off and candida overgrowth in general. It is something I experienced once I started the diet and I only get night sweats about once every 3 months now. I also get the muscle “twitching” that you mentioned; for me it typically happens when I eat something that my body doesn’t agree with slightly, too little oxygen in my body, or die-off.

Here’s my giant list of symptoms that someone else submitted a long time ago on the forum that explains what most of use have one time or another:

“Inability to cope with any amount of stress, headaches, excessive fatigue, problems with my blood sugar levels, cravings for alcohol, anxiety, hair loss, massive cravings for sweets, inability to think clearly or concentrate, struggling to speak/stuttering, hyperactivity, mood swings, inability to focus on simple tasks that were easy only months before, diarrhea then constipation, constipation then diarrhea, body itching, rectal itching, night sweats, depression, dizziness, poor memory, minor earaches, low sex drive, muscle weakness, joint pain, extreme irritability, learning difficulties, extreme sensitivity to cigarette smoke, heart palpitations, cognitive impairment, skin rashes, food allergies, abdominal gas and bloating, muscle spasms, tremors, and seizures in my sleep.”