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Hi guys,
we are too much a group of “I think” and “I feel”. I was the same until I drove me nuts. I was sure that I had a blood sugar collapse in autumn. But when I went over to my neighbour who is diabetic and we checked my blood with his little machine. My blood sugar was super good!. Now every-time I felt a heavy die-off with brain-fog, cold skin, cold and hot sweating, dizziness, anxiety etc. I went to him for check up.
Always my blood was ok. Then I knew it was NOT the sugar. Ok, then I believed that it must be a lack of B6 or B12. Because a lack of these freak out your nervous-system. Then, knowing that problems in the guts can have malnutrition of vitamins I was thinking I had it and feeling I had it until I had a check up…. I had perfect vitamin B values.

I consider it very important not to guess around. There is no point in eating a lot of supplements if one has no lack of something. One even feel bad because of all the meddling around with the body. I would not discount stress and the reaction of the nervous-system pushing out histamine in your body. Read about histamine overload and you will find all the symptom we are having here in the forum. All of them.
To go onto the candida train and fighting it hard is ok but if there is not change after some month and if there is no lack in anything a doctor can find, then one really should have a candida test done to go further. There is no point hunting ghost when it is the stress which messes some of us up.

Some here truly have candida, they had it checked but I would like to see a counting here on the forum how many “think” they have it and how many had it checked out and “know” they have candida.