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I used to have seizures every single day for a week or so I lived in my moldy apartment. This was about 1.5 years ago (a year from last november). Every time I went to sleep one night I had a seizure and that night I had about 6 of them. Ever since I removed mold and dust from my environment (by moving) I haven’t had a seizure.

I then felt “retarded” for the next 6 months dealing with the aftermath of severe candida overgrowth. I had debilitating brain fog…I just could not think straight, I was very irritable and had a short temper. I could not deal with life and everything was overwhelming.

I had this “drunk but not drinking” feeling when I was at my illest. My blood and bodily circulation was awful and I felt very uncoordinated.

Eventually I figured out that I had candida overgrowth and went on the diet. Day by day it was a relief to feel slightly better. Eventually 9 months later I am pretty much “symptom free.”