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cmoore wrote:

Interesting…I too have leg cramps at night sometimes as well as what I feel are blood sugar issues. I’m dizzy in the morning too. Whenever I go back to eating very little carbs, I feel worse. It lasts until I go back to getting some carbs. Once I tried to stick to the low carb diet for weeks but my symptoms of heart palpitations and dizzyness wouldn’t go away. So I eat some carbs and I feel better. Which carbs are best for me to eat?

“Complex carbs” NOT flour, or white rice that stuff. ONLY brown rice, only bread that flowerless like sprouted breads.. Eziekiel breads and spelt made with sprouted grains. Id say based on my experience steer clear fruit juice its natural but very very high sugar.
Also this might sound controversial but dont have ANY bread without putting “butter” on it. The fat will slow down its conversion to sugar. (in not an expert here just my opinion) So eat bread and butter sparingly of course. Google complex carbs.
Why not try the carbs suggested on the forum: buckwheat, millet, rice bran and oat bran? They’re gluten-free, have prebiotic properties and are far more complex and nutrient-dense than the much overrated brown rice. The difference in GI and nutrients between brown and white rice really isn’t that impressive, and barely justifies the loss of taste and texture. Buckwheat flour would still be more complex than brown rice. Check out the details for yourself with this site