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Low HCL? I shall try out that homemade test on the link you provided and see what happens. In fact, now it rings a bell from something I read a long time ago. It might’ve been my GP who mentioned it briefly, but I got the usual creams instead. I’ve looked at the ‘Useful Links’ thread and checked the ‘Antifungals & Doses’ section. I’ve also checked for reviews on SF722 and I’m happy to pay up on that, since I’ve read nothing but good stuff on that.

What other antifungals would you recommend apart from SF722, Capryllic Acid, Coconut Oil? Could I try one of GSE or Oil of Oregano or just stick with the above 3 (they don’t need to be rotated if I’m not mistaken?)to be on the safe side if it is something to do with HCL?