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so it might not be worth getting them all removed do you think? i have insurance, but not sure if it covers that. so silver and gold fillings are the alternative in terms of dentistry. my doctor mentioned using toothpaste that does not contain flouride. i drink spring water always, i hope there is no chlorine in that because there definatly is in tap water and you can taste the differnce. also, what are gmo foods? antibiotics are the biggest culprit in my case because my mom told me from birth to 5 years, i was on antibiotics (amoxycilin and penicilin-the worst ones for contributing to candida. then during early adulthood i was given a 4 week course of antibiotics for swollen tonsils (the doctor should have just removed them when i asked in the first place) and another course of antibiotics for a suspected prostate infection even though there were no signs of infection. the doctor was making a guess at what was wrong with me and unknowingly adding to the problem