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I feel your woes, it is really tough starting out. Basically the symptoms you are experiencing is just about the worst “cold” you will ever have. You don’t have a cold BTW, its die-off that has the same symptoms as a cold.

There are a variety of supplements you can take for sleeping such as PS-100, valerian root, chamomile, kava kava, lemon balm, passion flower, lavender, jamaica dogwood, melatonin (liquid version is best), etc. If you want the best one for you, I’d consider consulting a naturopathic doctor.

I’ve had insomnia for over 10 years and the worst episode I ever had was 7 days with no sleep (actually maybe about 7 hours over 7 days). Each and every day became more difficult than the one before, so I know exactly how you feel. Believe me, after day 7 you feel realy wonky!

A naturopathic doctor might also be able to supply you with other remedies for die-off. For instance, my naturopath recommends a juniper root homeopathic extract which protects the liver. You might want to research juniper berry extract some to see if its something you want to try. Able has a few other remedies that he has researched more thoroughly.

Once you start taking antifungals, the die-off will become worse. So if you do start out with them, I’d just do 1 drop at a time (per day) at first.

You don’t have to do the cleanse for a specific amount of time, so when you are ready to hop off of it, then go for it!

I wouldn’t worry too much about the weight loss because you will gain it back in time.

Hang in there!