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I would cut the following food items:

Beef: causes ammonia production and isn’t allowed on diet. All meats cause ammonia production, but beef/pork the worse; this creates and environment for candida to thrive. Stick to chicken, seafood, and turkey.

Tomatoes: Quite a bit of sugar per serving (some tomatoes have less sugar per serving).

Nuts: Contain mold/fungi which don’t help you on the diet, save for phase 2
Cocoa powder: Nothing beneficial to diet

Amaranth: Already mentioned this one.
Almond/sunflower butter: Same thing about containing molds/fungi, save for phase 2

Vanilla extract: Contains small amount of alcohol, try to get raw vanilla bean (1 inch is one teaspoon). Alcohol won’t set you back too much since low amount.

Spices in general: Don’t have any “spicy” spices that are hot. If they cause mucous production then its not allowed.

Yogurt: Contains way too much sugar, this is almost beyond the threshold of 25g per day, go for greek yogurt! Sweeten the greek yogurt with stevia.

Try to get a different stevia: What the heck are natural flavors! Shouldn’t stevia naturally flavor itself and be the only ingredient? Trader joe’s has one that doesn’t contain any other ingredients other than stevia. Just being harsh on this one, don’t worry about it too much.

Also, use himalayan sea salt or other natural salts instead of morton’s table salt; salt can be converted to dextrose which is a sugar. I dunno what kind you are using, but this is one thing that can be easily overlooked.

Hot chocolate: Avoid until phase 2

Tomato sauce: Read sugar per serving if packaged. Tomatoes should be saved for phase 2.

Suggestions: Eat buckwheat/coconut flour bread, eat oat/rice bran (doesn’t contain gluten or starch), eat Kefir and/or make it at home (natural probiotic), eat buckwheat (doesn’t contain wheat, starch, or gluten).

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