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My treatment seems to be working well. I plan to take almost every supplement requested by the protocol. My case of Candida sounds more severe: I took birth control my freshman year of college and ever since I have had terrible digestive problems. I never had any allergies growing up and now I have an intolerance to more than half the foods I used to eat regularly. Also, I frequently binge ate food in college because on campus there are so many buffet-style options here in the USA. I think the overeating made digestion more difficult and the birth control ridded my stomach of the “good” bacteria. I now have leaky gut syndrome that surprisingly hasn’t bothered me ever since I started the treatment.

I do not get too hungry; if I do I just eat a lot of cucumber or a water-based food to stay hydrated. I start teaching in a couple of months and worry about my teaching schedule affecting the schedule I have developed for taking supplements. We shall see. In the future feel free to ask me anything!