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Thanks so much for your replies. My frustrations with doctors telling me I have irritable bowel syndrome, and not really looking into it, and feeling progressively worse over the years, led me to search the internet. I have been wrong before, but I’m almost certain its candida. There are many reasons why.

I had a yeast infection as a teen. I’ve been on antibiotics 5 times, each time I took them I felt worse, often needing weeks for recovery. I did the spit test, and my saliva almost immediately sinks in stringy formations. My diet was before primarily bread-based foods, and dairy. Very little fruits or veggies. I’ve got the headaches, my whole body hurts, and I have allergic reactions to heat.

My doctors don’t seem to really give a damn, they just med me up and never stop to look at what could be wrong. I don’t have insurance, I’m too sick to work, and the state wont help. Excuse me for complaining, but its frustrating as hell. It feels like I’m falling apart.

So I started prilosec and amitryptiline yesterday, and nothing positive yet. I’m a bit worried about taking them actually.

I’m not sure its die-off, it could be. I just got started for real yesterday. But I’ve been taking acv and antifungals for about a week now.

Actually the acv has helped alot. there was a couple of days there where I almost felt normal again.

I will have to do more research I guess. Look into SIbo. I”m not really sure I”m capable of fasting, I get really weak and trembly.

I had alot of success with stir fry last night though, I fried my veggies soft, in olive and coconut oil and added beef. Do you think beef is a bad Idea? It seems to sooth my gut. Any meat does really. But yea, since yesterday, and gradually until then, I’ve been eating healthier. Learning to cook. Thanks alot, I’ll keep you guys posted.