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Dear Pdp,

When I read you list of symptoms and sufferings I found myself, everything down to the detail of the candia is messing around with us. You are not alone! And there is help. You started the battle and you will come through.

What about the other people and our wish to be understood and believe? If we are honest with ourself we will admit that we actually wish for some love and support too, especial from our parents and loved ones.

Even if these thoughts are normal and natural they will drain you and you will suffer. Why? Because people are free to do what they want to do, even not to believe in your condition or even yourself.

Have you noticed that people mostly don’t do what we want and wish for? Its not a good concept if you want to life a happy life to hope for that.

But If you give all the people their freedom to be as they are, this space you give to them will be mirrored into yourself. This space is Love. You will feel it as a power in you.

So, instead that you experience a feeling of pain and suffering you will experience freedom and love. This off course is much more beneficial for yourself and your healing too than wasting all your life energy to wish for a change in people which most of the time will never happen.

Remember what you resist – persist. What you are fighting will grow stronger. Give space to your parents, give space to yourself not expecting anything from anyone and do what you want to do. If you want to do the diet only do the diet and know that you will get well. You don’t need anyone believing in you and you don’t need anyone to go with you to enjoy Life and become well.

After a while you will noticed that the people enjoy that space and come back to you and say words you always wanted to hear. These supporting words will comes when you don’t need them any-more. Believe me I have seen it. You still will enjoy the words but you are not attached any more, you will experience freedom and this will be the best, enjoyment but no attachment and needs.

AND you will experience a healthy body!