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Quote: “How do I prove to other people that I have a candida infestation?”

You’ve just given yourself a perfect answer to your question, how to prove to someone you have a Candida infestation. You should let your parents know exactly how you feel about the way they’re treating your illness. My first advice would be to let both your Mother and Father read your post. If you think it would be better than just handing it to them, simply print it out and leave it in a place where they can “accidently” find it.

Quote: “I believe without a shadow of a doubt that it’s a Candida overgrowth in my intestinal tract causing all this, it all just makes too much sense.”

Reply: I believe it also, like you wrote, it all just makes too much sense for your illness to be anything but a full-blown Candida albicans infestation which is effecting all parts of your body. It’s a textbook example.
Quote: “… allergic reactions to some foods/teas – and I’ve read this can all be related to die-off? Is this correct?”

Reply: Allergic reactions are most often related to Leaky Gut Syndrome as it creates allergies by its mere existence in the body.
Are you taking liquid bitter herbs right now? If not, read the following post about these.

As far as the allergic reactions to foods and teas are concerned; leaving out all teas for the time being would be the wisest choice since most of them contain molds which aggravate the Candida.

Which foods are you showing a reaction to and what are the reactions?Able

Are you taking Molybdenum for the die-off problems? If not, this will help you a great deal with the headaches, lack of focus, etc.

As a second thought, if you don’t like letting your Mom and Dad read your post, I’ve heard stories of Candida sufferers who were afraid to tell their family and friends that they had a Candida “infestation” so they simply told them that they had contracted a terrible allergy to certain foods including to yeast and sugar. I’ve not heard of one person yet who claimed their families did not believe this.

Candida infestations are an illness that few people have ever heard of, and since most medical doctors don’t believe in it either, it’s easier for a family or friend to refuse to believe that it’s the problem. Another reason is that they have no advice to offer, like the doctors, they’re clueless about the symptoms, causes, and what will and will not help the situation. Families in general want to hear about something they can help you with.