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Able900 wrote: Strange as it may sound, the health of your adrenals have a great deal to do with the condition of the digestive system, or the intestines and colon, and this is normally the specific the cause of low adrenal function with people who have a Candida albicans infestation. Once you’re working towards building the beneficial flora in your intestines with probiotics, a healthy diet full of green, fresh vegetables (which feed the bacteria), and the various supplement such as digestive bitters, you will be on the road to healing your adrenals.

raster wrote: Here are some common adrenal fatigue symptoms, many are similar to candida symptoms:

By not drinking alcohol, using drugs/substances, and caffeine, your adrenal glands will slowly fill up while on the diet. Your adrenal and other organs will normalize themselves as time goes on. Expect a long recovery period because it sounds like you are very ill with candida.

Ok so I definitely have some major adrenal fatigue… I did a bit of research on it following the link you posted raster, and it’s all too clear.

So… overall it would seem the 3 main things I’m battling here are:

1) Adrenal Fatigue
2) Candida infestation in my intestines
3) Leaky Gut Syndrome


For curiosities sake I’m interested in knowing what came first, the Adrenal Fatigue or the Candida infestation? or did it all just happen together?

Either way I understand that by treating the Candida (& Leaky Gut) I will in turn be treating my Adrenal Fatigue.

also I have a few more questions/concerns…

(Keep in mind that the only thing I’m doing for treatment at the moment is 100% following Able’s ‘ALLOWED FOODS LIST’ very strictly for about 4 weeks now… I haven’t been able to afford Molybdenum, Anti-fungals and Probiotics yet, but will be able to in the next 2 weeks…)

ok, onto my questions…

1) Adrenal Fatigue/General tests: So far through all of this I’ve only been going by the symptoms that I’m feeling, my lifestyle leading up to the symptoms and my bio-feedback since starting on the diet; which has worked well and gotten me to this point… But what are some tests I can get done to check my Adrenal levels? and any other tests I should be taking throughout the treatment period, to keep up to date with my progress? ie. blood tests etc…

2) Supplements: What supplements do you recommend I should be taking other than those you have already mentioned? Considering that I have Adrenal Fatigue, Candida infestation and Leaky Gut… anything else I should be taking for all this?

3) Low Energy: I find that I have extremely limited energy levels at the moment… as I said so far the only thing I’m doing for treatment is 100% following Able’s ‘ALLOWED FOODS LIST’ very strictly… I’m aware that it has to do with my Adrenal Fatigue and the fact I’m not consuming anywhere near the amount of sugar I used to… but, what are some foods on your list Able that will give me the most energy? and again, any supplements I should be taking to help with energy levels?

4) Weight Loss: Since on the diet I’ve noticed I’m losing weight… I’m sure this would be a good thing if I were a large person but I’m already fairly skinny and don’t want to waste away to nothing… I understand that that’s pretty normal on this diet but my question is… when do I begin to start putting weight on again? Able, what foods on your ‘ALLOWED FOODS LIST’ help me to put on some weight?

5) Low Sex-Drive/Erectile Dysfunction: I’ve noticed a lot lately that I cannot maintain a full erection… this is incredibly frustrating for myself and my girlfriend… just recently it’s starting to become a real issue for us with her questioning if I’m still attracted/interested in her… I love her dearly and feel completely turned on in bed with her but it just doesn’t translate to my bits as much as it used to, feels as though my penis is slightly numb and unable to function properly… I’m guessing this will improve with full treatment of the Candida? I’ve never had any problems with my performance before and it’s rather distressing as I’m sure you would understand.

I’m aware that most of these above questions will resolve themselves with full treatment once I also start on the Anti-Fungals and Probiotics to go along with the diet.. but I’m just wondering if you can shed any light on each of these concerns.

Thanks again. You guys are the best.