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kerra89;45629 wrote: If I had candida/yeast in my kidneys, wouldn’t I be getting UTIs and things like that? I certainly hope that’s not the case, it sounds a lot harder to get rid of.

Hello, Kerra.

Sometimes Raster inadvertently scares people more than necessary. There’s nothing positive in telling someone that it’s possible to have Candida in the kidneys but you have no idea how to get rid of it, and it’s a waste of everyone’s time causing unnecessary worry to some of the members.

Most people do not have Candida in their kidneys, so don’t worry about things that you’re unsure of as far as whether or not it affects you. You have enough to concentrate on with what’s at hand, meaning the protocol and diet. Just keep forging ahead on the protocol and think about each moment and what you’re doing at that time. Don’t worry about the population of the Candida lessening, because even if you’re on the diet alone, they will slowly be reducing in size all the time. The main thing is to avoid feeding the Candida the foods that allow them to survive and multiply; that should be your only concern, and if you remain on the strict diet, you won’t even need to worry about that.

So relax, and think “wellness” …