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I was diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis 5 years ago, but as it was quite mild, I managed to control it with creams and, of course, I have never heard of Candida at that time. Seb dermatitis has always been my main symptom. It has become much worse over years. My lab results confirmed that I have a very high candida infestation, that’s when my living hell started. I was on a strict forum diet for 4 months, but I didn’t have much progress due to severe die-off mainly affecting my face skin. I could only tolerate small doses of relatively week probiotics, I couldn’t drink kefir at all and antifungals made me look like walking dead with raw meat face. It has never been this bad in my life. It was awfully itchy and was pretty much all over my face, t-zone, forehead, eyebrows, eyelids, cheeks, neck, chest and my back.
I couldn’t leave the house for weeks, so I’ve decided to stick to the diet and probiotics and leave all antifungals out until I get better, because even though I have candida in my life I also have full-time job and part-time study, so I needed my “face” to make my living.
What helped me a lot were Chinese herbs. I found a Chinese herbalist who gave me mixture of dry herbs which I had to simmer for 30 min twice a day and drink after. The taste and the smell of those herbs are absolutely disgusting, but after almost two months of drinking it I barely have any flare-ups. I still get random itchy spots on my skin now and then especially after increasing the dose of probiotics or herbs, but all my “raw skin” patches and “sand paper” skin have gone. This herbalist has also mentioned that people with skin problems caused by candida tend to release the toxins through their skin, while herbs are working the way so your body starts getting rid of them through your stool. Which is true, they make you go to toilet quite often. I was told not to take any antifungals as herbs themselves have antifungals properties.
I know it won’t cure Candida completely, but at least now my body is ready for stronger antifungals. I have recently started taking Saccharomyces boulardii and I am drinking a pint of kefir daily without any problems, which means I am getting better.
I am still on a diet, but I was advised by few doctors to eat fruit with low GI, as they are needed for immune system, they all are talking about a very low mucosa immune system of those who suffer with yeast overgrowth which apparently allows fungi to settle on us easily. I tried to eat a bit of blueberries and green apples, but I get sort of hives after them, so no more experiments with fruit for me for time being.
And yes, I feel very isolated all the time, no work drinks, no parties, no meals out. I’m always paranoid people are judging my face. I become a mirror addict and always thinking about my face, even when it looks decent. But I refuse to give up. I will get cured one day no matter how long it will take.