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HAIRDRESSER wrote: I have been online and saw a product called THREELAC and it claims to cleanup the Candidia for good.. where other products just maintain or help reduce Candidia. What do you think of this product> Also what about Nystatin to start out with to kill the candidia and help get thru the first stage of starving the this beast.

ThreeLac may work for a short period of time, a few weeks maybe, but that’s all as it’s one of the weakest probiotics on the market. ThreeLac contains only three bacteria strains whereas there are 14 strains in the better probiotics. The count is a very meager 1.5 billion CFUs while others contain up to 200 billion and more. There’s simply no way this could make a lasting difference in a Candida infestation. The only thing that makes ThreeLac different from any other weak probiotic is the hype on the product.
Let me show you the difference between Threelac and one of the probiotics that many of the forum members are using.

Threelac: 3 different strains of beneficial bacteria and a very meager count of 1.5 billion CFUs (colony-forming units).

On the other hand, MegaFlora contains 14 different strains of beneficial bacteria and 50 billion CFU’s.

You can get a container of both MegaFlora and Threelac for around $45.

The following link has the protocol that most of the forum members are using.

And has anyone ever gotten rid of candidia for good?

I cured my Candida infestation around nine months ago, and several of the forum members are doing the same thing by using the protocol I posted above.

Nystatin is a good antifungal, but read the protocol first.