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To Jimb

My son’s wife had really bad sinusitis — bad headaches, sneezing, nose blocked all the time, couldn’t sleep etc and I recommended a spray called SinuSoothe and she started using the spray in Spring — the worst time for any sinusitis sufferer — and she reported that the SinuSoothe spray completely removed the symptoms and cleared up her nasal passages. And when I talked to her — she also said she only had to use the SinuSoothe spray once or twice a week to have no sinusitis symptoms.

SinuSoothe is not an anti-histamine and not a steroid but is composed entirely of natural nutrients mainly comprising essential oils that kill fungus, bacteria and viruses. See this link for the research.

To healinglight

If you cannot obtain the SinuSoothe then you can perhaps try one of these remedies:

* Buy some Lugol’s Iodine and fill a small cap with water and simply add 4 or 5 drops of Lugol’s Iodine to it. Then, using a dropper just put a few drops of this mixture into each nostril and suck it back gently into the nose cavity making sure that the mixture goes all the way through to your throat if you can.

* Buy some 3% Hydrogen peroxide and dilute it down to 1% HP and use this with a dropper the same as the first remedy. Put the HP drops directly into your nasal passages.

It’s fairly well known that sinusitis involves fungal, bacterial and viral pathogens in the nasal passages. Both hydrogen peroxide(HP) and lugol’s iodine(LI) are broad spectrum pathogen killers that have strong anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral action. I regularly use HP or LI in my nose this way and my nose is never clogged now.

Since you live in India, there is another remedy that might be tried which is fairly cheap. Nigella sativa — also called Black Seed or Habbat-al-Barakah or Kalonji — has been used widely in India and the Middle East because of its strong anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. In the Middle East it was called “The Blessed Seed” because of it’s many healing actions and its positive stimulatory effect on the immune system. Just put a few drops of Black Seed Oil into each nasal passage every morning or whenever you like — Black Seed is not dangerous and has been long used as food in west Asian diets for centuries. It is somewhat spicy and peppery though !! You can also ingest Black Seed once or twice a day for its many other beneficial effects.