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Able900 wrote: Hello, Jorge.

Just curious, does this mean that your infestation is now cured?
If so, congratulations.

I don’t think is totally cured. But, this time, for first time, I think it will part forever. I know my symptoms perfect, and I am almost asymptomatic now.
Still, I am passing white threads in stool, but a lot less than 2 months ago. I am feeling the change in my body, my vision, my energy, my mood, my sleep, everything.
I have been like this two times before this one, but this time the feeling is different. It is something like I am returning to the person I was before I got sick.
I have done many things ,and it is really hard to tell what have benefited me more.
3 months ago, I did 4 fecal transplants, so I don’t know if some bacterias are dominating the gut now and pshing candida out, if the chelation is the real cause, or if the enemas are doing the big part. Think, that I still take a lot antifungals and don’t violate the diet for nothing. It can be all, who know ?? At least, it is a way to give this monster a real battle. I doesn’t matter what is the key to get the victory. I respect the word “cured” when we talk about candida.