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HI dvjorge – I to am getting clean from dandruff, itchy ears, vision problems, and like you say many symptoms I can’t even think of right now.

I know what you mean by going through a very long cleaning of the body. Amalgam poisoning is real. I’ve been a vegan for 7 or 8 years now and because of it, my colon is very clean. However, back in the 70’s and 80’s, I started reading a lot about the colon, and how the walls can become covered with a thick lining of mucus, from years of bleached white flour and sugar (the 2 worst culprits) and the lymph nodes can’t move the lymph through the walls. That’s a very short version of all the complications that stem from a bad colon. Colonic therapy uses long catheters and under small pressure blows the walls of the colon clean. Colon cancer I don’t know if it is still the leading cause of man’s death, but was. Another way to clean the colon is with fiber, like flax seed. In the 70’s and 80’s it was bran. A big craze of everybody eating bran in there food was a big deal then. Then in the 90’s it went to psyllium husks, and now flax seed. All do the same thing, clean the colon walls.

The reason I’m saying all this which most people know, is that if these walls aren’t clean, the candida diet is tremendously harder, as the body is trying to pass all the dead yeast through a plugged up colon, and I used to hear that 90% of most men’s colon’s were plugged to a certain degree. Once the walls are full of bleached white flour,(you know, that cheap bread that uses bleached flour) and white refined sugar; those sticky walls can then start grabbing all kinds of processed meats and cheeses and many other things that make it worse until the colon really gets plugged and some people don’t have a bowl movement for days at a time. When the colon is clean, you have 3 a day, or every time you eat. It’s a good feeling. Most people can’t relate unless they have cleaned the colon. This is so important to good health the books on it tell many stories that are similar to yours. Anyhow I was wondering if your colon is getting cleaned by your enemas. Usually enemas don’t get deep enough, as the catheter isn’t long enough, but yours might be. On candida diet, did you eat a lot of flax seed, or psyllium husks, as that, over a 6 month period can clean the colon also. I’ve heard many many time of about the fecal implants, but most people have colonics before they are done so a dirty colon doesn’t impede them. Colon health is not talked about much, but a lot more than in the 80’s. I’m again wondering is your colon is getting clean, which can when the walls are thick with sugar and bleached flour it can hold many fingers of yeast. Let me know if you have heard of all this.