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Thanks so much Thomas for your kind note.

I would love to go get it checked out, but that isn’t an option for me. I don’t have any insurance so I am pretty limited to what I can do. I’d rather spend the little I have on getting the right stuff, than spend it all to see a Dr. who probably will think I’m crazy anyway. But if I could, I would. 😉

I live in MO. in our small town they have a free clinic where I went four times about my skin problems. All four times the Dr.’s didn’t know what it was and gave me antibiotics and steroids. Since I had no idea what I had, I just kept taking them.

Well, my skin problem just came back after I was done with the steroids. I even asked the Dr. for a refill cause I had to fly out to CA. and I couldn’t go on the plane in the “itchy” condition I was.

Anyway, I’m here in CA. for one more week. It’s been great cause there is a Whole Foods just down the street where I’ve gotten a lot of stuff, and good vitamin stores. When I go home it’s all going to be a “drive” to get anything, and I will be limited to Super Walmart for my groceries!! 🙂

So while I’m in CA I just want to pick up all the stuff I can. Maybe I’ll just stop taking the CandiGone, and go back on my BP pills? I just don’t know what’s going to be used to fight the Candida then? I can start taking coconut oil (which I am using for some cooking, but didn’t want too much die-off so haven’t been taking it plain yet). I have Oil of Oregano drops too.

Well, again, thanks everyone for your help!! 🙂