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Hello again.

My friend here in CA. has a probiotic by Kirkman. It’s Pro-Bio Gold 20 billion CFU’s.

Pro-Bio 20-B contains only six different strains of bacteria. You definitely want to move up to more strains after you take this one. As many as 14 strains are available, and you need as many different strains as possible to fight the C. albicans.

The enzymes are Houston Enzymes

Look at the list of ingredients. Hemicellulase is not an enzyme that’s naturally produced by humans; this enzyme breaks down the molecules of hemicellulose (note the difference in spelling) in the fibers of the vegetables we eat into simple sugars. If you think this would be capable of feeding the Candida, I’m afraid you’re correct.

You might consider using Swedish Bitters as your only enzyme source.

So now that I have the stuff from GHT, I’m thinking of sending it back, but I don’t know what to buy in place of it?

You might consider organic coconut oil if you don’t already have it.

Should I take my B-Complex back too?

I certainly would. You’ll receive your B vitamins through the probiotics, kefir, and Greek yogurt.

Since I’ve only been learning as I’m going, I started totally backwards and have had to make lots of changes.

Don’t feel bad, unfortunately that happens to a lot of people.