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msmofish;45097 wrote: THANK YOU !!
It’s very helpful to read a great success story like yours !!

I have 2 questions:
1) how did you handle no caffeine ? I still find it really challenging
2) can I get a copy of the oat bran/kefir bread ?

Thanks for jumping back into the forum & letting us know

Hi Mo!

Caffeine – I just went cold turkey. To be honest it’s what I missed most and was the thing I looked forward to re-introducing. I had gone from 2 or 3 very strong pots of “real” coffee (haven’t had instant for years and it gives me a headache now so I’m the snob at a coffee morning checking if the coffee is “real” or instant!). I feel strongly with this type on elimination it completely defeats the purpose if you “just” have a half cup of coffee or “just” a little ice cream. I guess if you’re having a load of caffeine, sugar & carbs a sensible way to do it would be to cut down over a number of weeks (while starting the detox stuff like milk thistle, hot baths & molybdenum) so that your body adjusts?

Oat Bran Bread – I don’t have an exact recipe any more because I’m so used to making it and just “bung” it all in but it’s something like…

3 cups oat bran
1 cup kefir
good slug of olive oil (several large tablespoons)
Pink/ Seasalt
4 eggs
gluten free baking powder (1 teaspoon?)

It is in a sloppy (but not runny) mixture. Into an oiled bread tin. Medium/ hot (bout 180) oven for just under an hour. I let it cool then cut, wrap in pairs & freeze.

You can use greek yoghurt instead of kefir but you’ll have to add a half cup of water to get the consistency right. You can use a mix of flours if you like – buckwheat, coconut etc as long as it’s 3 cups total but I just prefer the oatbran on it’s own. I eat it every morning toasted (can be eaten non toasted too) with coconut oil & organic eggs. Yum! My 2 year old loves it too… in fact he races through his an then starts nagging me for some of mine!

I know coconut flour is recommended for a lot of these recipes, but I never liked the consistency, smell or flavour. Got a bit disheartened cos kept trying different combinations… so I don’t use it at all now.

Happy baking!