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Danny33;59954 wrote: JC,

Being constipated most of your life suggests you’ve had dysbiosis (crippled gut flora) most of your life.
Gut flora is what makes your stool robust and hydrated. Remove that flora and your left with dry, undigested, and hard-to-pass stools. The majority of stool by weight is indeed bacteria, not food as some would suggest.

I would assume your mother also has digestive or allergy complaints since that is who gave you your initial flora. Also, If you fed formula as an infant then you never really had a chance anyway.

Forget the Candida test, you almost certainly suffer from the yeast syndrome + severe dysbiosis.
I would also not be the slightest bit surprised if you suffer from toxic metals (Aluminum, Mercury, etc.).

I share and have had many of your symptoms in the past.
I really feel sorry for people who have never had a chance to enjoy a healthy life. I enjoyed 23 years of perfect health until my 3 month adventure with anti-biotics back in 2008. What I can tell you is your fixable but it’s going to take time and a lot of work.

Rule of thumb. If you suffer from severe dysbiosis you need to stop consuming toxic metals, this is important. Stop consuming mercury (Fish, seafood, etc.) as your body cannot excrete it properly without healthy flora. Stop using and consuming aluminum (Deodorant w/ Aluminum/Alum, aluminum foil, Aluminum pans, etc.) Baking powder with aluminum, coffee creamers, table salt, etc. Many of your symptoms mirror toxic metal sufferers, I have read hundreds of stories. Take it seriously.

Keep asking questions and research as much as you can.

Good luck.


Thanks for replying!

Yes indeed my mother has digestive issues. She’s been suffering from chronic constipation for as long as I remember. I am also 99% sure I suffer from yeast/candida, but I can’t start treating it since nobody believes me. My parents don’t trust the validity of online candida tests, only those from real doctors (problem is no real doctors offer any candida tests), so I really don’t know what to do about that now. I just wish I was an adult and that I could take care of this myself. Do you know of any tests that could be done in a hospital/clinic that could prove I have a yeast/dysbiosis problem? Or any for toxic metals?

Thank you for your help, and in the mean time I will try to avoid those foods you mentioned!

– JC