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Danny33;59960 wrote:

Danny what would be the best way to test for Aluminium, Lead, Mercury toxicity?

A hair analysis should point you in the right direction but it’s not perfect.
I think a hair analysis + matching symptoms + personal history should give you a good idea.

Yep, this is the way to go.

For anyone thinking that they might be mercury, lead, aluminum toxic etc. check out both of Andy Cutler’s books. As far as dealing with heavy metals specifically I don’t know of anyone more knowledgeable than him. His protocol has recovered and improved the health conditions of many. A lot of people have had their yeast/digestive issues go away after following his chelation protocol for a long enough period of time. His two books are “Amalgam Illness” and “Hair Test Interpretation.” Both can be found on amazon, although if you’re really strapped for cash here’s a torrent of his first book: Check out the reviews on amazon if you want confirmation as to the quality of both books and for how grateful people are for his protocol.

I’m currently chelating with a good amount of success. Lots of problems have cleared up and I continue to improve. I highly recommend investigating this avenue of treatment!