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Hi Mark,
I felt very weak for the first 2-3 weeks of the diet but when I kept going my body became used to less carbs and started using fat for fuel. I can explain what happens – Rather like a long distance runner – which I am as well – we burn all our carbs on long runs and have to teach the body to use on fat. The body processes fat much slower than carbs and usually doesn’t want to be bothered and grabs the carbs as ready fuel. If we are going slowly enough it has time to use fat instead.
I’m a skinny marathon runner and have just reached an all time low weight due to the diet of 50.8kg. (I’m usually 56kg and 51.5kg when fully ready for a Marathon.)I’m on week 7.
Not much running on this diet as the energy is just not there.

My problem is dizziness too and maybe a bit of tummy upsets and thrush which put me on the diet, but the dizziness, vertigo has been a problem since 2009. You seem to have it bad!

So my advice is to certainly see what Able and others say, but I would hang in there and things will get easier. Just go “one day at a time”. See if you can be really strict and just do vegetables and coconut- Able’s strict diet. Otherwise you will not know if it really working.

Hope all works out.
If not and all else fails (after you have tried it properly…) try TMS – Tension Myositis Syndrome. Monte Hueftle has videos explaining it. is especially good at explaining what to do. It certainly helps me if I don’t forget and go searching for remedies. You’ll see what I mean. I found it when suffering from odd pains and “injuries” when running. Pain is a main symptom but dizziness and or stomach problems can be symptoms too. Lots of things the brain does!! It’s free too!! Happy to send you more info if you want.