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hi cburke,

oh man sorry to hear. I have had that reaction to S Boulardii at least twice now, and one just a week or two ago when I took one pill. I was also reacting to water kefir in a similar but less intense way. I’ve been drinking kefir for ages with no problems, but also was taking antifungals.

Then last night, I started the S Boulardii, figuring I would just deal with the extreme discomfort for a few weeks. However, I did not have nearly the suffering as previous times – in fact it was like 90% less. I did have some heart palpitations, and also trouble sleeping – but my nose ran much less and no sneezing and the heart palpitations went away quickly – and I could tell they happened mostly when the pill had reached my colon. I could feel a zapping feeling in my gut.

Three things were different this time. I took activated charcoal several hours prior to taking the S Boulardii. I also didn’t eat any sugar. Whereas I was eating fruit for a few days when I noticed the reaction. I had been good up until a week ago, and had not had any fruit. And on Tuesday I started taking Gymnema Sylvestre – per a previous post I had seen on this board – the study claims it turns candida from fungus back to yeast. I’m quite sure it was the sugar that I reacted to. I doubt the Gymnema would work that quick. However, the weird thing is I never used to react to sugar like that. Perhaps my almost year of Nystatin drove the fungal infection out of my gut, as Raster’s naturopath says, and caused me to react differently to fruit.

Anyway, I am very glad I am able to take S Boulardii, and I am certain adding the charcoal made a big difference in die-off symptoms. I am going to brew a batch of Kombucha, so that I don’t have to purchase the expensive pills. Oh, I also took Quercetin prior to taking the dose, however, I had done that the 2nd time as well, but still reacted, so the jury is still out on if Quercetin/bromelain helps me.

my best,