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Just to clarify…

(INTRO: I am on forums diet for 11 months and 15 days now! I was much better with diet, but I was not cured for sure… then I tried boulardii)

I am on s. boulardii for 34 days now. I am feeling GREAT! My inspiration was Benc’s post here:
after I asked him for details he mentioned s. boulardii and I started to research about it and gave it a try.

I feel like I am cured, and I had some bad reactions in first 15 days I am on some third stage diet currently eating stuff that are not allowed in second stage and I have no symptoms…
I am physically very active comparing to like 4 months ago, and now my body and muscles are seeking for some sugar I presume, since I have great desire to take some real sugar after long day being active (work, walking, running since I am always late). I have tons of energy comparing to before, I could now fight against two or three of my-self 🙂

my reactions:
Like 7th day I had metal feeling in my mouth, which lasted for 2-3 days and later on I figured out that my tongue gets more pink at the back, and I though I don’t have trush anymore, I though its normal to have some coating since you can see it with other people as well. It appears, I had some trush since its gone now!
At this same time, I had like 10 days lasting sinus problems, ear pressure and whole day headaches, nothing like my old die-off symptoms (pain in bones and muscles, lethargy, dizziness, fatigue). In total, I think I dont have reactions since 20th day (+/- 3 days).

Digestion is improved as well, having like 3 BM in 3 days, without loose stools and just minor signs of IBS (and sometimes only), but I believe its related to high number of fibers I am eating whole day (loads of buckwheat, vegetables etc. I guess these symptoms would have also healthy persons if they would be eating my food.

What I want to clarify, I was not using florastor nor enemas. I used s. boulardii (now-foods brand from iherb, costs $11 for 60 pills containing 5 billion).

First days I was combining it with lots of Kefir and approx. 140 billion probiotics with 10 strains including dds-1 (yes, antifungal!!). I figured out that I have bad reactions with kefir and was in doubt is it good or bad yeast dieing?! I did not want to explore further, I simply quit kefir, and stayed with probiotics, but tried to separate it with 5-6 hours period between boulardii and kefir.

I also ordered jarrow formulas boulardi ($17 for 90 pills/ 5 billion) and yesterday I switched to it since I was out of now-foods brand. Already took 6 pills, and I had no reactions, like I had not few days before with my old brand.

What makes me worry is the fact that jarrow formulas has MOS inside it, and I am not sure is it feeding candida or not (this is question for DvJorge, hope you read this and answer, please advice)

Last few days, since reading these testemonials here I quit my DDs-1 probiotic (even I think it did not harm), and switched it with some 5 strains 20 billion brand I could find in my local pharmacy. I only take 1 daily. My idea is that once candida goes away from intensines, something else has to replace it, thats why I was taking it in first place.

… anyway…

So far, so great.

I was about to post my story, but I did not want to share it until I am sure this works. And I will be sure that it works once I try junk food, more sugars or so.

I had to share it here, since I see its pretty much actual and a topic of discussion.

ahh, one more thing. Its been so much told about amalgam fillings and industrial environment causing health problems.
Well if I make final success with this boulardii, i will be definitely a story against Metal toxic causing candida.
I have 5 (yes, five) amalgam fillings in with two or even three of them are near to be more amalgam then teeth itself.
Also, I was born and raised in one of the most polluted cities in Europe (metal industry caused), I was exposed to metals and poisons for sure.

I was planning to take a boulardii test for two months, like Jorge adviced in his post from march this year. It’s been month behind now, and I did not regret it ;-).

Thank God!

PS: regarding my notes about brands and florastor, I simply cannot find any place to order florastor, since I use iherb mostly for shipping to Europe. (if anybody knows, please write here)
Please take time and read comments about jarrow formulas boulardii from buyers, several of them reported candida fix :-):
yes, thats the one with MOS..