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I’ll change up the psyillium tomorrow, thank you. As far as the yogurt and rice, I read too many different suggested diets for Candida and so many claim rice is a fine. But, out of frustration due to my symptoms, I have tightened down and am only going to do veggies and broth from now on, a proper cleanse… along with the drinks and pills.

A little history: I have had chronic yeast infections the past year, eczema patches for years, and indigestion my whole life. I’ve only recently come to see that it stems from a Candida overgrowth and mainly seek to stop my yeast infections (they are driving me insane!). Over the past week I’ve been taking a lot of yeast cleanse pills and have been easing my way into a full blown cleanse, but with all the information out there about it, and how much they differ, it’s hard to know what the best path is. I’m seeking any help I can get, as I haven’t the money to afford doctors.