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Doggiemama wrote: Would love to hear what is working for you..and i feel i speak for the rest suffering that may not have many options…please share

First, I believe you need to understand the antifungal limitations and where candida has created the biggest amount of colonies.

As I have said, CRC is a syndrome where candida has the opportunity of growing in the same tissues it has been a habitant since we are born. The mucus membranes. There isn’t translocation when we talk about Superficial Candidiasis. People experimenting this syndrome have the fungal concentration in the colon. The colon is the place where the biggest microbial concentration is found in the human body. It is also the place where candida share space with other yeast and bacteria. The large bowel is what you need to attack with all the force.

Now, let think about what we have to attack the large bowel. What antifungal medicine, and what are the limitations they have to reach their target.

Most antifungals (Rx and naturals) work systemic, meaning that they pass to the blood quickly one time you take them. Systemic antifungals have a very low impact treating an colonic yeast overgrowth since there isn’t blood circulation inside the colon to delivery them inside of it. So, they are mostly useless against candida in the colon, only an small portion may get the colon unable to cause an effective damage to the fungus.

Another thing to consider is that most antifungals are Fungistatic, meaning that they don’t kill yeast but inhibit its growth. This is a big limitation since you need effective Fungicidal antifungals.

There are still more obstacles that avoid an effective antifungal action in the colon. When we take the drug orally, it will mix with food and death flora forming a fecal ball, the antifungal drug is inside and outside of this ball transiting to the colon. Candida colonies are on the colon walls, so the drug may never do contact with the fungus or only an small portion of it does.

It is also proved by science that candida albicans develops 4 times more resistance to antifungals when it growths in anaerobic environments. The colon is an anaerobic environment, so it is against us too. Moreover, if candida has the ability of creating biofilms, they also are anaerobic inside, so candida will be double protected.

As you see we have all against us. This is the reason because the extreme diet and long treatment that most of time only can manage it with symptom release.

What I have done ??

First, to think about Nystatin that is one of the few antifungal drug that is a non-absorbed antifungal. It is also Fungicidal against candida albicans, and has almost no toxicity used inside the intestines.

Nystatin is expensive and hard to get, specially the refrigerated powder. Dr. Truss found that to treat CRC patients he had to rise the oral dosage to 16 tablets a day to get effect in the colon. Less, will be short.
I didn’t want to spend the money buying such amount of Nystatin, neither had that possibility.
What I did is to do ENEMAS. Doing enemas, I have the possibility of cleaning the colon first of accumulated fecal matter. This exposes the colon walls that is my target. Second, the water is rich in oxygen changing the anaerobic conditions to aerobic temporary. It weak candida resistance to the drugs. Candida biofilm matrix is formed by glucose mainly. Glucose is soluble in water, so water may debilitate the biofilms structures allowing the antifungal to penetrate them.

And the last thing and the most important is, I am doing a retention Nystatin enema using 6 ounces of water after I clean the colon with water only first. I mean I end my enema section with a retention Nystatin enema that I try to hold until the next day. In this way, I am delivering a powerful fungicidal antifungal drug directly on the candida city hall. Now, candida has to deal with the drug face to face.

This is what has saved me and what has brought me to feel normal again. I have done all this also respecting an anticandida diet.

I hope this help you.

This is the study supporting my words that candida develops resistance growing in an anaerobic media..