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Thanks for input Able 🙂

I’ve though a lot about what is die-off/c. albicans getting more aggressive with the die-off and what is worsening in my condition.

For 1½ year, I’ve stuck to this diet and used different anti-fungals, like garlic, oil of oregano etc. Garlic should do the very same thing as you describe for beneficial bacteria and kill off the non-beneficial, but over time, my condition only gets worse. But it’s worth mentioning that after some time with loads of prebiotics, probiotics and other stuff that promote the beneficial flora I can use a little garlic and get a very good result. In fact, I can feel cured for days, no symptoms, no rashes, nothing when doing this proper.

The strange thing is, that I get worse from coconut milk and not coconut oil. Why could this be? In my family, some members can’t transport fructose from the gut into the bloodstream due to damaged/inactive GLUT-5 receptor cells.

The fructose in coconut Kefir stays, the fungi and bacteria in kefir can’t digest fructose. Fructose that is not absorbed into the bloodstream ferments over hours until the bowel is emptied. This could harm like beef or pork does, but I’m not sure of this is what I really experience.

In a few days I will try out water kefir, fermented for 48 hours, to see if there is a difference like with the anti fungals vs. anti microbals.

Regarding the psychosomatics: It did help a lot seeing a psychologist, to get more attention on life rather the disease all the time. Besides that, I’m quite sure an actually worsening is connected to the food I intake. But you are absolute right about this subject, 2 years ago I treated this disease (c. albicans) as being a couple of psychosomatic symptoms.

Right now, I just had a lot of eggs, salad and sauerkraut, last thing Really helps!

Overall, the die-off experience for me lasted for weeks last summer, nystatin and garlic/oregano oil being the anti-fungals, then I got better..but since that time it’s been back and forth, some days I feel really good, some days it comes back.