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Thank you both for your replies! : )
It is encouraging having supports!!

My doctor will be keeping an eye on my liver : ) I have to say though I don’t see a difference from it at all. I think the natural yeast killers work just as well if not better and yes are less harmful to our systems.

Also I every time I eat something with just the slightest bit of sugar or starch my throat instantly get yucky phlegm. It is my ‘radar’ so to speak to stay on the foods I know I can eat without disruption. I do eat some brown rice noodles (maybe 1/2 cup a day max) and I do not have the phlegm effect. I also ate it during my first detox and also fed my foster son brown rice in moderation as well during his autism recovery. The diet I follow allows this and even allows other starches in a bit later. I had huge success and so I don’t doubt that it is ok (this is for me, however If others are not comfortable to eat it then please don’t).

I had huge success just over a year ago with this diet and my foster son did too. As for now I think I will be keeping to the same diet but thank you for the advice! : )

If I wasn’t making any changes yet at this point I would be concerned about my intake but other then a little brown rice noodle the rest of the diet is the same it seems, but so far I have experienced everything much like the first time detoxing. Die off was terrible for the first week. This week it hasn’t been nearly as bad and I am starting to feel a million times better already!

I will stay on this plan for 3-4 months and then reassess at that time. I will take probiotics for life! : )

Take care and thanks again for the advice and support! It means so much to me!

: )