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chronic stress is so harmful. I went through about a decade of severe stress from various things. I started having panic attack in 2006. I had one episode that lasted over 12 hours. I didn’t really know what it was but described my symptoms to a pharmacist when I was overseas. She gave me some Xanax (yup I could get it over the counter in this country) and Wow.. what a lifesaver. I kept getting them all the way through last March and Xanax was always there to keep me from going nuts. Here’s the deal. Since recovering from cancer treatment and getting my life in order, my diet in order, controlling stress… I haven’t come close to feeling any anxiety since July. I’ve recently made several long airplane flights and don’t keep any Xanax there as a “safety blanket”.

You know you mentioned being sensitive to smells in the past. We have a bread factory that is on my way home from work. On nights I’d work late and drive by the place, the yeasty smell from the place would make me really nauseous. Wierd. I’m good now though.

So you are back on the diet Julia..and you’ll get through this again. But… maybe look at your regular diet and see where you can make some additional changes that will keep your immune system boosted and your body working as close to 100% as it can. It might mean cutting out some things, but it won’t be that bad and in the end, feeling great trumps the few minutes of joy you get from a certain food that might not be doing you any favors.