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Great Story !!

I believe I can say why Diflucan isn’t working. Don’t believe it is a bad antifungal because it isn’t.

Diflucan is a systemic drug. It means it will go straight to your blood in the upper intestinal tract. Systemic drugs such as Diflucan have a low or no impact on the candida colonies living inside the intestinal lumen. There isn’t blood irrigation inside the gut to carries a drug.

To target the fungus living on the mucus layer that cover the intestinal walls, you need a non-systemic (non-absorbed) drug such as Nystatin or most fatty acids. This is the reason you notice the naturals more effective. However, the naturals have weak parts too.

Both, systemics and non-systemics have a role during a fungal overgrowth. There is more about it that we can discuss ahead.

I am here to share my knowledge. Since you are a nurse, you may have the basis to understand many medical terms necessary to know this syndrome.

Please, don’t call it systemic candida because it isn’t. This syndrome is better called Candida Related Complex. In this way, MDs take you more seriously.