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Hi Michele!!
Have you thought of doing probiotics for your children? From what I hear they seem to help a lot. I just read a section in The Road to Perfect Health by Brenda Watson about Autism. She suggest at least a 50 billion count of probotics, but also to find a doctor to monitor improvements. Many people on Brenda website have said how much their children with autism have approved on probiotics. Omega and vitamin D3 might also be helpful for the brain and leaky gut.
How about fiber for your children to help with constipation? Also aloe vera juice is a very easy supplement that helps with making bowel movement regular and helps with constipation. I am not sure if aloe vera juice is safe for children though. This is just some information that I got from Brenda’s book or my own life, obviously a doctor would be best to consult on any of these suggestions. Great job with keeping your children on a diet. It hard because they crave the sweets but it is best for them. When I was working with autistic children I could see a big difference when they were on a diet. You are in my thoughts!!! 😀
Hope this helps