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It was a fairly uneventful week…which is good in many respects. At this stage in the game, I’m not expecting to experience major improvements, so to have a week without any significant setbacks is a good week in my book.

As planned, I reintroduced a protein shake this week and I reacted to it. The immediate reaction was fairly mild and was limited to increased tongue burning and a bit of blurry vision. The achey muscles set in the following day. That was enough information to tell me I need to stay away from the shakes while my body mends. Good to know.

Also, I reintroduced the two strong anti-fungals, Samento and Banderol. The first day was okay with one drop. But, the next day with the same dosage I reacted.

During my bad week 2-weeks ago, I eliminated all exercise (which for years has been restricted primarily to walking). I felt well enough this week to take a 3 and 2 mile walk at a very slow pace. For someone who used to be so active, it’s just nice to be outside.

Good news regarding my weight: I believe I’ve finally stabilized! I’ve actually gained a couple of pounds from a low of 107. Now, I’m hovering at 109-110 (usually the upper end represents a lot of bloating). I’m learning to ignore the bloating. When I first started the diet, the sudden swelling and discomfort nearly sent me over the edge. Now, I just roll with it and know it’s just part of the candida and that some days/hours will be worse than others. I’ve even worked cauliflower back into my diet occassionally. Broccoli still creates incredible bloating. So, while I really like broccoli, I’m continuing to avoid it.

Also, my hair loss seems to be improving — at least in the shower. I’ve always shed a lot of hair, but it increased tremendously as my candida condition worsened. Now, that I’ve been on the diet for 7 weeks, it seems to be lessening. I made a point over the past several days to monitor closely how much hair I cleaned out of the shower drain. It’s definitely decreased! If only my tongue would stop burning…

I’m getting excited about my trip out of state to North Carolina next month and I’m feeling good about my ability to control my diet. I purchased a little portable water boiler, so I’ll be able to boil water for eggs, tea and oat bran. That will be perfect! It’s such a good feeling knowing I’ll be able to have my usual diet “comforts” while on the road. Having a routine really helps me stick to this diet. I’m hoping to test coconut bread within the next several weeks. If all goes well, I’ll be packing a couple of loaves for the road.

Whenever I start to get down about this restricted diet and my continued muscle pain and burning tongue, I remind myself of my victories so far:

* Brain fog – reduced significantly (almost gone)
* Blurry vision – reduced significantly (almost gone)
* Hair loss – reduced
* Planter’s wart – disappeared

Here’s hoping everyone has a good week with their diet. To good health! See you next week.