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TS Isaac came and went without any impact on me — except added stress, especially dealing with preps for my diet. But, at least, that was it, thank goodness!

I received my blood work results and learned I have a thyroid issue. It’s very interesting. When I had the blood work done, my general practitioner ordered a regular thyroid test (TSH) plus a detailed test looking at thyroid hormones known as T3 and T4, which, apparently, most western doctors don’t acknowledge. The TSH test turned up normal. The detailed test indicated, though, my T3 and T4 are out of balance. Turns out an imbalance can cause the following symptoms: fatigue, muscle aches, hair loss etc. — many of the same symptoms as candida. It’s rather complex and I won’t claim to understand a lot about it, but there’s a book and website called ‘Stop the Thyroid Madness’, which has quite a bit of information about it, if you’d like to learn more. My doc has been studying about it and said she’s had good results placing patients on a thyroid medication. Some feel better within two weeks. So, I’m now taking a teensy, tiny thyroid pill first thing in the morning 30 minutes before all my supplements. (I’m now starting pill intake at 5:45 a.m. or earlier.) I’m starting on a low dosage and will bump it up in one week. I’ll see how I feel….and get re-tested in 8 weeks. I’m cautiously optimistic. It would be unbelievable if some of my problems were due to my thyroid, which I’ve been tested for many times (just not the detailed T3/T4 test). Over the past six years, I’ve gotten my hopes up so many times, I have to be cautious for my mental and emotional well being. The thyroid issue wouldn’t solve everything, because, of course, there’s still the candida…..

Earlier in the week, I suffered a bad reaction to two herbal anti-fungals (Samento and Banderol) given to me by my other doc. That stuff is incredibly strong! I suspected as much because I was supposed to start with one drop of each in a small glass of water and work my way up to 15 drops. These are itty, bitty drops. I did one drop for 3 days and, for the most part, I seemed okay. Then, I bumped the dosage up to 2 drops each. Ugh! A couple of hours later, my energy suddenly was drained, my tongue was on fire, my muscles were so achey I felt as though I’d been beaten with a palm frond relentlessly and I had pressure under my ears. Definitely not fun. It’s been 6 days and my tongue hasn’t recovered. All the progress I reported last week with my tongue is gone. I’m so ready for my tongue to heal and return to normal. Having your tongue burn with pain 24 hours a day for 7 straight weeks is annoying, aggravating and disheartening. After doing some research online, I learned Samento and Banderol are from South America and primarily are used to treat Lyme Disease. Other people reported similar reactions and they thought it was die off. My condition is way too fragile to handle that kind of die off, if that’s what it is. I can’t help but wonder if those anti-fungals are just something my body doesn’t like and is responding that way. Anyway, I haven’t reintroduced the drops. I probably will attempt it again later this week with just one drop.

I’m having some success introducing plain Greek yogurt into my diet. I’ve experienced some mild reactions, but nothing severe enough to make me stop. I’m being really careful with it, but it’s nice to have something new in my diet.

The protein shakes are doing well for me calorie and weight-wise. I’m drinking two a day and the extra 460 calories and vitamins are beneficial. I gained 1/2 a pound since last week, so I’m up to 108.5 (although that extra weight very well could be due to bloating). The shakes are a drain on my wallet, though (in addition to the rest of the diet). They’re not any cheaper online at Amazon. According to the manufacturer’s website, I can order it directly from them with my doc’s approval, which I’m going to seek. I’ll take whatever price reduction I can get. I’m also looking to cut down on my trips to the doc’s office (which is way out of my way) to buy the stuff. We’ll see. One entire pantry shelf is now filled with pills and supplements for the diet.

In three weeks I plan to reintroduce chicken. I’ve been off it since March when a food sensitivity test showed I had a moderate reaction to it. I now know that reaction was probably a symptom of my bad leaky gut. But, I figure I might as well wait out the full recommended six months before reintroducing it. Plus, I haven’t been in a hurry, considering Able’s comments that meat protein slows down the candida recovery. If the chicken reintroduction is successful, I’ll probably aim for having it once every two weeks at first. Anyone have any thoughts on that? The idea of having just a bit of chicken and yogurt in my diet is very exciting — at least it’s something to look forward with the diet.

I’m trying to be patient with this diet. Everyone says recovery just takes time. But, overall, I’m feeling worse every day than I when I started the diet. From what I’ve read, that has a tendency of happening. But, I’m at the point now that I can’t sleep through the night due to waking up in chronic pain with my muscles and burning tongue. I’m ready to feel better — now! Looking forward to reporting improvement next week.