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Week 11: Update

Well, I endured another bad weekend. This one, though, was by far the worst since starting the diet. My entire body was in such horrible pain, especially my lower back, buttocks and legs. I just wanted to sleep, but I was in too much agony to sleep very much or very well. I did two things differently this weekend which may explain the sudden increased pain: (1) I was out of town and once again took a higher than normal probiotic dosage (80 billion vs. 50 billion) and (2) I introduced the forum’s pumpkin muffins into my diet. It’s fall and I just wanted a taste of pumpkin. Is that too much to ask?! Apparently so. After buying all the ingredients and making the muffins, I was excited to try one — they smelled delicious! Well, I ate just one-third of a small muffin and immediately knew it was a really bad idea. I was down for the count the entire next day. I’m feeling much better today but still a bit frayed at the edges. (And, this occurred while taking molybdenum. I can’t imagine the state I’d be in otherwise.)

I saw my candida doc yesterday and he believes my system reacted negatively to switching from 50 to 80 billion and back again so quickly. So…I will not be doing that anymore. He also reassured me that a common complaint during the long healing process is lower back pain as the toxins leave the body. I’m going to do another stool test soon and will have the results back before Thanksgiving. Depending on the results, I might be able to start weening myself off some of the many supplements I’m taking, which according to my doc, will actually cause me to feel better. (Apparently, the digestive system doesn’t like the mishmash of all the probiotics and supplements required to eradicate the candida infestation. Thus, the bloating etc.) It’s nice to be reassured that feeling poorly is part of the process. I just need to find an acceptable balance of not feeling 100% but still being able to function and interact with people. My doc actually told me that those who say they’re feeling great after a few weeks on the candida diet probably are cheating. Lord knows, I have not cheated. Not once! And, I’m eagerly awaiting the big payout. I was reminded again that it takes time to clean out the candida — about 1 to 1.5 years. My eye is now on Christmas 2013.

Speaking of holidays, I’m starting to contemplate my Thanksgiving menu already. Instead of turkey, I think I’m going to opt for a Thanksgiving bass. (This makes me laugh thinking of an episode from ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’) Then, I’ll load up on every imaginable fresh vegetable I can find: green beans, brussel sprouts, spinach, cauliflower, celery, and maybe even some olives. Dessert probably will be a few bites of plain Greek yogurt, which my system seems to be tolerating, as long as it’s just occasionally. It won’t be a traditional feast…nevertheless, it will be a perfect feast for my digestive system right now.

Next week is my big trip out of state. It’s going to be odd being out of my comfort zone, but I think I’m as prepared as I’ll ever be. (I’m going to triple/quadruple check to make sure I don’t forget any supplements.) I’m going to boil lots of eggs for the road trip and cut up some celery sticks too. I’m also bringing a little water boiler for more eggs, oat bran and nettle tea. Lunch and dinner will be at restaurants which can accommodate special dietary needs. Wish me luck!