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Week 14: Update

Well, I did it! I survived my vacation away from my very controlled eating environment. Overall, it went fairly well…but, I had about 1.5 days when I felt pretty bad. The worst things about travelling: (1) constantly wondering where I was going to get my next safe meal; (2) lack of readily available snacks; (3) watching other tourists enjoying the must-see, must-do, must eat things which I cannot enjoy. (It’s one thing to block it out at home. For me, it reached a whole different intolerable level being on vacation watching people gorge themselves with carmel covered apples, ice cream, beer, pizza etc.)

In an earlier post, I mentioned I felt good about my travels because I could count on chain restaurants like Carraba’s and Outback. That’s an understatement! After paying $$$ and being served an itty bitty serving of plain food during my first night in Blowing Rock, NC at a restaurant which I had enjoyed in my pre-candida days, I knew I needed to seek better options. Fortunately, there was an Outback in town. And, fortunately, my travel companion didn’t mind missing the ‘must-do’ restaurants. Outback has excellent customer service when it comes to special dietary needs. And, their food is consistently good with decent sized portions.

Breakfast each day was great. The inn where I was staying was really accommodating and made four plain poached eggs, a heaping pile of fresh spinach, Bob’s Red Mill oat bran and a cup of nettle tea for me every morning. Plus, I had avocados which I had brought with me. It was perfect! They also were happy to make hard boiled eggs for me for the day.

I did some hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains and one day ended up eating hard boiled eggs and two cans of wild salmon for my lunch while on the trail. (Gone are the days of trail mix…bananas…and a sandwich.) I had so much fun on the hike, though, that I didn’t mind my less than appealing meal while my friend devoured a big ham sandwich. That particular trail I’ve hiked before. It’s quite strenuous and I wasn’t sure if I could do it again. Emotionally, I felt fantastic finishing the climb. What a great psychological boost knowing that I could do that once again! But, physically, I paid the price for about a week.

Snacks definitely were a problem on the trip. As you know, there just aren’t very many options. So, against my better judgment I ate a few raw cashews during the long road trip, which naturally led to a few more, and a few more. And, well, you get the picture. Ultimately, I over did it and did not feel well. I think my body can only handle raw cashews in moderation.

My bad days on vacation really were a product of my environment and lack of appropriate food. I took a road trip to the Biltmore Estate and figured I’d be able to find a plain salad with olive oil without a problem. Well, it was a problem. After a long drive and touring, I was exhausted and just couldn’t find what I needed. My friend ultimately got some spinach greens from a vendor and some olive oil and I ate that with some hard boiled eggs I had brought with me. Definitely, a memorable meal only in that it wasn’t a good experience. That was a rough patch during the trip. Somehow, though, I rallied for a big hike the next day.

The other rough time was in Savannah, Georgia, where we stopped along the way to and from NC. On the return trip, I ran out of Bob’s Red Mill oat bran, which I’d previously made in the hotel microwave without any problem. So, I ventured to a popular local breakfast establishment. I ordered several poached eggs and spinach and gave my usual explanation about my dietary needs. As soon as I bit into one of the eggs, I knew there was a problem. I think some restaurants must use Pam or something when making eggs. Whatever it is, my tongue doesn’t like it and immediately started burning, which, unfortunately, put me in a foul mood as I sat watching people stuff themselves with every kind of breakfast food you can imagine. And, I couldn’t even eat an egg without a problem.

Hopefully, the next time I go out of town for any length of time I won’t have such a restrictive diet. But, if I do, this trip helped me figure out how to be better prepared for my eating needs. Gosh, I don’t know what I’d do if I traveled with someone who wasn’t so understanding. I’m very blessed.

When I returned home, I took a blood test for my thyroid. Soon I’ll know if that’s improving. Honestly, I haven’t felt any different taking the thyroid pills for the past two months. Also, I took another stool test to see if there’s been any improvement with my candida growth. **fingers crossed**

Most people on the forum talk about feeling better after a few months on the diet. I’m not experiencing that and I’m wondering why. Hopefully, improvement is right around the corner. Hope everyone has been doing well on their diets!