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Rayvynn5374 wrote:
1. Tired all the time ( can sleep for hours if left alone, easily awakened and hard time falling asleep)
2. Crave chocolate all the time
3. Moody at times
4. Dizzy with headaches for no apparent reason
5. Shaky and nauseated when hungry
6. Irregular menstrual cycles, skip a few months or have them a week apart
7. Irregular bowel movements (no schedule to speak of, food doesn’t affect “outcome”)
8. Low libido
9. Joints ache (hands, knees and ankles)
10. After consuming alcohol I wake up next morning swollen to the point of clothes will not fit, rings imbedded into fingers
11. Sudden severe food allergies (tomatoes, all berries, bananas, coconut)
12. Frequent chunks of yellowish/white stuff dislodging from throat
13. Very bad breath
14. Rash

All the above are symptoms of a Candida albicans infestation. If you wish to follow our protocol, read the information posts on the forum.
Here’s a good way to start.

Proper and Safe Cleanse:

The Protocol:

Allowed Foods:

Let us know if you have questions after reading the posts above.