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AngelRain;51419 wrote:

So you were trying to fight candida without doing the diet?

And why are you still consuming brown sugar?


I never knew what I had before I went on the diet. I didn’t realize that what I was eating was making me ill. I spent time overseas and got sick during my visit.

You still need to consume a little sugar on your diet. It’s never good to completely cut something from your diet. A little is ok, however, that doesn’t mean you can eat cakes and chocolates. Sugar in your tea is fine.

I’m also taking a probiotic. I really recommend incorporating as many spices as you can. They’ll help your digestion a lot.

I hope that helps 🙂

Well you are benefitting the yeast every time you consume brown sugar and I don’t think is appropriate to go on a forum such as this one and tell people that sugar is alright when for the last 2 years we have told people it is not right and is very harmful.

Good luck with your recovery, plan on 6-18+ months.